About us

The World Community Center

Our History

 For a long time, St. Louisans have dreamed of ways to promote justice and have formed organizations to pursue peace. Usually, these efforts began in someone's living room or basement, on the street corner, or in some temporary front rental headquarters.

 Then the World Community Center was founded in 1975 and quickly set up at 438 N. Skinker.  At long last the dream to have a home for these various organizations crystallized. Peace, justice, and global community organizations now have a home, a prominent location from which to organize, mobilize, and move the world towards greater justice.

Our Goals

 We believe that a workable world community is essential to the continued development of humankind.  Problems tearing at our global society are solvable, even though immediate answers may not be in sight.   Even problems often regarded as local or national - decaying cities, eroded freedoms, pollution, bankrupt schools, etc. - are likely connected to world problems awaiting larger solutions.

 Many St. Louis organizations are attacking the problems of hunger, war, climate change, racism, sexism, etc.  Their campaigns are often not related in any way.  Locally, they frequently are inadequately funded and staffed. The World Community Center hopes to bring organizations with their common goals together to maximize their effectiveness; always allowing for the creativity, enthusiasm, and concentration gained by individual group activity.